Print Ready Design Tips

Have your own art and need advice or a second pair of eyes? Full Circle Ink Tees is skilled and excited to help you achieve your vision. We have a passion for printing shirts and look forward to designing art for your project.

Before sending over print ready shirt art please double check the file for accurate spelling, grammar, colors, alignment and image resolution. Artwork must be in digital format, and should be at least 300 dpi, CMYK, Photoshop or an Illustrator file. When sending the art please specify the print size preferences!

put your design on a shirt

Creativity Takes Courage”  ~ Henri Matisse

Great tips for print ready art

  1. Please be advised to convert all type to outline or shapes in the AI/EPS and PSD artwork files. If this step is not taken, the font will be substituted with a default font on our computers. This will affect the original design layout.
  2. Optimize all PSD files for easy quick uploads by deleting unused layers.
  3. Always flatten Illustrator files. Overlapping shapes cause separation issues during pre-press setup.
Imagery created in Illustrator is the preferred format and ideal for shirt art, but not the only acceptable format.
Want to print a photograph? We suggest building your art in Photoshop and setting the DPI no lower than than 300.
Lately we have been receiving artwork made from apps. Although this is not an ideal platform to create shirt art, there is still possibility of usage. Just make sure to export/save all art as a pdf and as large as possible.  This step will greaten the chances of creating usable art. 
Please Note: Increasing the resolution of an image that is already at a low DPI will not create a larger, crisper and cleaner image. The image needs to be originally shot or created at a high resolution. Also saving a bitmap file in Illustrator does not change the original file’s structure (it is still a bitmap image), however, nice try. Wink, wink! You know who you are!